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July 18th Margarita Mayhem



When in doubt, work it out, did not happen today.

Oh Lordy.

People. I don’t know exactly what happened to my logic when I planned on taking today as a R&R (rest and recovery) day  or what I did tonight that was the problem. I went to get some margs with my girlfriend at our usual spot.. The only problem was in my buzzed-ness I thought it’d be a good idea to get some soup.


A cold, very alcohol infused (too strong) Margarita and hot, spicy tortilla soup after already having shoveled chips and salsa down my pie-hole was too much for my body to handle. Needless to say, I got home and threw up (all of it). I don’t know if my body wasn’t used to the amount of liquid in my body, if the marg was too strong, or I’m all of a sudden a lightweight and I was genuinely feeling sick?

After my stomach settled down, I managed to eat some pasta and a bowl of cereal, trying to soak up the alcohol. Don’t know if it worked out, but we’ll see how my head and body feel tomorrow!


Aside from walking, and having some puking Olympics, I did not workout. Today was supposed to be a ‘rest’ day or a day off, but it was not the kind of ‘R&R’ I was hoping for…


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,536 calories and consumed 1,222+ for the day.


Clementine, Iced Coffee with the works


Greek yogurt, strawberries, grilled asparagus, squash and mushrooms, mini salad with spinach and mixed greens, carrots, red onion slices, feta, a bit of ranch, some grilled chicken, and a bite or two of pasta/meat sauce.


Margarita, Chips & Salsa, Tortilla Soup, Rice, Broccoli & Chicken Pasta, and a bowl of Cheerios.


July 16th Daily – Week 7 Begins!



First day of a new week! Time is crunching down towards the end of summer and I’m starting to get discouraged with the results I’m seeing. I know through and through that this is a process and it takes time, but it’s torturous. I’m busting my ass in the gym, during my circuits, outside on my runs, in spinning class, cutting out calories in my diet, eating healthy, you name it, and I’m stuck. I’ve been stuck at the same weight for a few weeks now. And this is week 7… Ugh! I’ve been thinking about how at the beginning of summer all I wanted to do was whip my ass back into shape, and that feeling hasn’t gone away but it’s definitely more of a fight now than ever.

Monday’s are a good refresher from the weekend, whatever my workout regimen or routine was and the foods I ate. This day was particularly refreshing with all the activity I had planned and actually did.

I took out my frustrations with not losing any weight/not seeing results in the mirror/feeling cruddy .. out on the gym. The frustration and hard work paid off. I killed spinning, the circuit, abs, and a walk afterwards. Granted, I didn’t lose any major poundage or magically have abs appear afterwards, but I felt better about the whole situation.

When in doubt, work it out, eh?



Killer spinning class at Fitworks today. The instructor wasn’t completely on her game today, and I felt like the class was a bit of a joke/waste of time, but I made it count for what it was worth. Afterwards I did a 50+ minute circuit workout. My legs were literally shaking by the time I was done, and I loved the feeling! After I got home I took a decent 42+ minute walk around the neighborhood to cool down and just try and get my legs a little less jittery.







According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,105 calories and consumed 1,195 for the day. Started off the day with some iced coffee with the works, fresh blueberries, a clementine and a Greek yogurt. Lunch was a salad from the little market up the street from work; spinach, cucumber, some red onion, feta cheese, little bit of ranch, sunflower seeds, and mixed greens, also had some watermelon and then some leftover couscous. Dinner was DeeeeLicious. I had a sweet potato, broccoli, leftovers from my Grandpa’s house the other night; baked chicken dish, cream of chicken, corn, carrots, and some green beans and obviously chicken. Had a small cup of vanilla custard for dessert too.

July 9th Monday Fun-day?



Back to work we go! Today was a rough start to the week. Didn’t realize how vacationing for a few days can make getting back on track quite tricky.

Highlight of the day would have to be Spinning class. It was so nice to get my ass kicked again and definitely feeling like crap from all that alcohol, garbage food, and having taken a week off. Just bad that I’m struggling to get back on the bandwagon. Don’t really know why or how I get so unmotivated and I literally don’t workout for a whole week… UGH!

I did have some healthy food choices at lunch, pretty much an all vegetarian lunch, was definitely struggling to work up an appetite since I felt so guilty after Saturday night and Sunday. Oh well, day’s done and over with. Let’s keep this going!


FINALLY!! Back on track! Did spinning tonight at Fitworks and then did a kick ass circuit workout! Feeling good and feeling sore, but I’m loving this!


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,544 calories and consumed 871 for the day. Started off the day with breakfast; coffee with the works, and a banana. Lunch was a little vegetarian style dish from the Mexican place up the street from work. I cooked dinner for myself, not the healthiest, but I was budgeting by what my ‘Analysis’ was suggesting I eat. I had some cooked spinach, with some bowtie pasta, an ear of corn, part of a Bratwurst (New Orleans), and then a grilled tomato. Not the best appetite, but I was feeling all the crap I ate on Sunday…

June 30th Shady Saturday’s



The main goal of today was to work my ass off in the gym. Like literally burn as many calories and not be able to move, if at all possible (probably not) but I realized it’s finally July and WTF. I’ve only lost 10lbs. and that’s really not cutting it for me… So, as a day to take advantage of not having to work and just being able to do whatever workout I want, I did all of them.

Got up, made a relatively healthy breakfast with some protein and then headed to the gym. I conquered spinning, some jogging/walking, and lifted. Then I headed home, made some tasty lunch and headed to work aka lifeguarding… And I swam laps for a bit as well. Definitely felt amazing. Packed a lunch as well so I didn’t have any guilt with what I ate… The only guilt I felt came from later on that night…

Well, here goes nothin’

I met up with my family after I went home from lifeguarding and took care of the dog. We watched my little brother’s baseball game and soon thereafter I was starving, wanting to get my hands on anything/everything… Uh oh. So we decide on this hole in the wall bar/restaurant called Moosehead and I get a gluten free burger aka a burger without a bun, just the way I like it. On a side note, I got a Margarita and side salad instead of fries or potato salad, etc.

Then, it progressively got worse as the night went on…. My calorie intake was skyrocketing. I had wanted to surprise my two guy friends with this new bar/restaurant that was close-by. It’s a whiskey and beer bar, it has the largest whiskey selection in the state of Ohio, and over 500+ beers to choose from. Now, this was great for them, I got them trashed off their asses, but I only had one beer, which was great.

The bad news is that we decided to go to other bars after and that’s what got me in trouble. I decided to take a trip down to Marg city and Taco Bell hell.. and I’m an idiot. Instantly regretted it when I put it into my Calorie Counter app. So dumb. Tomorrow will be interesting…


Solid workout today. Burned a total of 1,745 calories just from exercising. Did spinning for 75 minutes, jog/walk combination for 20 minutes both warm up and cool down burning 154 calories, swam for 15 minutes burning 193 calories, and lifted for 25 minutes burning 193 calories.














According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,945 calories and consumed 2,334 for the day. Had a good homemade breakfast with the Skinny Cow cheeses and eggs kind of like an omelette, some watermelon, then lunch was a banana, huge bag of frozen green beans, sweet potato, strawberries, tomatoes, slices of oven roasted turkey breast, and more watermelon. All very delicious and healthy! However, the problem came around dinner time… Dinner was a burger with no bun, a teeensy tinnny caramel cooler from Caribou coffee, a margarita, freshly fried potato chips, and then after hours food and beverage.. Not Good. Had a beer, and 3 Margs, and Taco bell – Chicken quesidilla with sour cream and a Doritos Locos Taco Supreme. Idiot. Big dumb idiot.

June 29th Fu@$ Bad Food Decision Friday



Today got off to a great start, first night house sitting for my Dad and his doggy was a success. I got up early with plenty of time to stop by the West Side Market to get an Apple Fritter for myself and a few other people in my office. (I have got to stop buying bakery treats for other people in the office! It’s really starting to be a bad habit and I’m pretty sure I’m justifying it by thinking I’m sharing it with other people and it puts everyone in a better mood. Maybe not their stomach’s, but just go with it. Or stopping ‘going with it’ haha…

That first trip of the day snowballed into other bad decisions pretty much. I then continued to head to Starbucks and got a lemonade/tea. Bad idea. Another bad choice, would be heading back to the West Side Market for lunch, which was delicious, but just not sticking to the healthiness routine/aspect. Final bad decision of the night, having a drink with dinner and then ice cream afterwards. Shot those cals through the roof that’s for damn sure.

On a lighter note, I made it to spinning and then headed out to dinner afterwards with my Mimi and we got to catch up, had some good eats and a drink but then I went home (with some ice cream) to hit the hay (so lame) Spinning did wipe me out and all that food/alcohol/ice cream. My body is hating me for this I’m sure and this better not be a sign of worse things to come this weekend… Fingers crossed.


I got a good workout doing my spinning class tonight! Headed to the Fitworks by my Dad’s house and that’s definitely a nice perk to being a member, that you can go to any location. That’s a plus!  I got to experience a new instructor, and the class was okay, nothing too phenomenal about it, but it was a great workout. very satisfying.













According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,290 calories and consumed 1,239 for the day. Started off breakfast with an apple fritter and a TAZO Passion Tea Lemonade. Lunch I had a banana, cucumber, watermelon, and a bratwurst on a hard roll. Snack before spinning was part of my turkey sandwich and some/barely at my Greek yogurt. Dinner consisted of a Marg, cup of clam chowder, and a salad. Barely used any dressing, which was better than dumping it all on there. Finally, a snack of pralines and cream ice cream. WOOF! Bad news bears for cal intake today…

June 27th Hell of a Hump Day!



WoooooWeeee!! What a Wednesday!!! Probably the best Hump Day I’ve had in a while! Today rocked! First thing today at work I kind of got a little flustered and pushed around, but hey, it’s part of the job description when you’re still learning the ropes. I don’t like getting the feeling that you are being discussed while walking into a room after briefly leaving.. Makes me anxious. Anyway, I didn’t eat much breakfast/my oatmeal because of how I was feeling then. But, it’s alright. Let it go for the most part.

On to the fun stuff!! There was a catered luncheon/guest speaker and it was awesome! I loved to not just be sitting at my desk all day long and got to head down to the room and have a great healthy and delicious lunch! Then afterwards, I headed back up to my office to have some more fun work to do that I actually enjoyed. Not being a smartass. And part of me loves being a designer because of days like today where I can fall in love with it all over again after being frustrated and having designer block on some of the projects I’ve been working on.

I was a part of a catered luncheon and we had a speaker! Exciting to see, hear, and be a part of the awesome new stuff they have going on down here! I had some delicious lunch in light of everything going on and I loved every minute of it! Then, the day just kept getting better too…

NEXT! We ended up having a group Happy Hour for one of the projects I was shadowing on and had a small part in the creative process, so we got to leave the office early. Not only was that nice in itself, yet again a change of scenery, but it’s Hump Day for Pete’s sake! And it’s almost the weekend! I lived it up a little bit and got a BEER! Woah! The last time I had a beer was about a year and a half ago during my Sophomore year, how pathetic is that.  I just had one though and then headed off to the next and last (save the best for last) part of the day!

Spinning!!! and Working Out in general!!!! HOT DAYUMMM today’s spin class was amazing. Not only did I do an hour of spinning, but I did lifting, and a cardio circuit after that too! WHooooP! … alright, enough, that’s a bit much.

But on an honest side note… Eating tonight was a challenge and I instantly have had remorse. And a part of that has to do with my friends and how they influence what I eat and the timing… Not good and I feel as if I can’t eat certain things because no matter what, how healthy it is, ‘green’, good for you or whatever, I feel guilty. I add up those damn calories and I instantly feel like all of this hard work I’ve been putting in is just going to waste. I still look in the mirror, still look at the scale and honestly think ‘Am I ever going to be happy with how I look or the amount of weight I’ve lost’ and I really don’t see myself ever getting to that point, at least not right now anyway. I mean, I know this stuff doesn’t happen over night but how does Beyonce go from having a baby and just shedding those pounds like tissue paper?! Its nothing to her!? Or Britney Spears looking super thin in her skin tight bandage dresses… Part of me just wants to give up and say fuck it and not care because it seems as if I’m taking two steps forward and 10 back… S.O.S.

So, going from an awesome day, downright fun and exciting to me sitting here writing this to you and just not knowing when or how I’m going to manage to meet the goals I’ve set for myself and stay there are going to be a discovery  for another day….  Discovering that lifestyle…

(trying to go to bed with some satisfaction or pride in what I accomplished at the gym today)


This workout today was fricken phenomenal. Started off with a spinning class that was at 85-90% the whole time, heavy resistance and lots of dripping sweat. It was great! Then afterwards I did some Olympic lifts (snatch) (power clean movements) and then used my NTC App for a 15 minute Core Crunch targeted area.










Nike Training Club App










According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,631 calories and consumed 1,354 for the day. Breakfast was a few bites of my oatmeal with brown sugar and one clementine since the second one I brought was bad. Lunch was a catered lunch; huge bowl of fresh, delicious fruits, honeydew, cantaloupe, pineapple, raspberries, etc. Then HALF of an Italian sandwich and a cucumber and tomato salad. After work, had one beer, then went to workout. After working out I had some Chipotle; black beans, tomato salsa, lettuce, and steak. The bad part is that when I got home I had some ‘dinner’ that was out; rigatoni comprised of not whole wheat pasta and a meat sauce. UGH! GUILT STRICKEN.

June 25th Monday Madness!



Here we go, beginning that vicious cycle of what we call a ‘weekday’ all over again. I had a decent breakfast/morning. Then, the excitement started to kick in when I went to lunch, went out to Jimmy John’s and that was a good ‘burning’ walk because I did get warm and then got to enjoy a healthy lunch. Satisfying. What was more satisfying was my workout that I had planned and looked forward to all day. I packed my bag the night before so I could go straight to spinning class, since if I had to go home early I wouldn’t have made the spinning class, just the yoga/pilates. So I doubled up on workouts, lived in the gym for over 2 hours and I loved every minute of it!

Dinner was fun. I went over my friends house and we cooked dinner, grilled a ton of veggies, made salad, and grilled up some healthy protein. The only regret of the night I have was a teeeeensy bit of wine when we watched Sherlock Holmes 2. However, I was so fricken tired that I knew Tuesday was going to be a bit rough… SO lets hope tomorrow I won’t be incredibly sore or exhausted.

I used my Calorie Counter App on my iPhone to track my food intake!


Holy Hell. What a day of working out. Like a Champion! So, on my lunch I power walked/sweat my ass off just getting food to eat (Jimmy John’s Unwich) duh! and that was for about 30 minutes. Then, After, I went to FITWORKS.. I OWNED SPINNING! Not only was it a good 60 minute workout, but I didn’t leave after that, I went to CENTERGY for 60 minutos too! Then I did some Olympic lifts (Snatches and some abs) WOOOOOHHHHHWEEEEEE DOGGGIIEEEE Burning those cals!









According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,683 calories and consumed 1,052 for the day. Started off the day with breakfast with just coffee with the works and some applesauce before I ran out the door. Lunch was exciting! Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom Unwich, a banana, half of a red bell pepper, carrots and a little bit of ranch, clementines, and lots of water! Dinner was so good! Grilled veggies galore! Grilled zucchini, squash, mushrooms, had some spinach salad with cucumbers and a little bit of poppyseed dressing, and some grilled chicken and a bit of wine for dessert. Not too shabby!!! Healthy lady!

June 22nd Fit, Fun, Friday!



Yay! Finally the weekend! GEEGS! Had a decent day at work, managed to have a decent morning/afternoon with my food and ‘healthy’ choices. Had a super breakfast, walked to Jimmy John’s for an Unwich which is my new favorite ‘healthy’ addiction. It’s pretty much whatever sandwich you want wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. AH! YUM! Not only walked, but had a healthy lunch too. Woo! Went to the gym, got some more walking/jogging in and then got my ass kicked by a spinning instructor who was fit as can be. However, when I went home, I had some healthy carrots to start but then my cravings go to me…. left over chicken quesadilla’s, just a little bit of chicken/cheese/and cooked peppers/onions/sour cream. And by little bit, I mean it. Because… I had date night/party plans…

Went to Outback Steakhouse with some friends and then went out for my friends birthday. Granted, I had put in the fl. oz.’s of Margs that I was going to drink since the morning so I knew no to overeat. Granted, I didn’t have any fast food afterwards which I was really proud of! But that after workout snack really screwed me over! Lots of guilt for eating more than I should have.. and it was only the beginning of the weekend too .. Oh crap.

I used my Calorie Counter App on my iPhone to track my food intake!


I got a good warmup/walk-jog in for 1.09 miles for about 18:32 minutes. First Spinning class of the summer and it completely re-motivated me! I feel totally rejuvenated again and the instructor kicked ass. She specifically pointed at people and called them out, me included, to turn up the resistance and wanted to see you struggling and pushing yourself! It was wonderful.



According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,386 calories and consumed 1,610 for the day. I treated myself a bit for breakfast downstairs and got a whole wheat bagel,  I had a banana and two clementines. Lunch was strawberries, and a Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom Unwich. After my workout I had leftover chicken quesadilla’s, with cooked onions, peppers, sour cream, cheese, and NO burrito wrap. THEN, went to Outback and had a few bites of the bloomin’ onion, a house salad with ranch and I could barely finish it, and then a good amount of my sweet potato and didn’t finish my steak. Then out for some Margs! I was stuffed and felt sick. I knew I ate too much… 😦 Disappointed in my overeating and not controlling my portions better and just saying ‘no’. I need to get this together or I’m not going to see changes.

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