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Monday July 23rd Daily



When in doubt, work it out! No Excuses here!

I’m really starting to love this new mantra. It’s pretty motivating. Speaking of motivation, I’ve been busting my butt at work since my not so great review the other week and it’s definitely starting to pay off. Doing a lot of client work that is really great for my portfolio and it’ll definitely be worth it in the long run.

I ended up staying at work until 6:30, so I couldn’t make it to spinning class. I was pretty bummed about not being able to make class, debated not doing anything but I really needed to go for a run, especially if I wanted all of my hard work to not go to waste.


Ran for 60 minutes straight!



According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,223 calories and consumed 890 for the day.


Clementine, Banana, and Raspberries


Big salad with romaine, mixed baby greens, sunflower seeds, spinach, cucumber, peas, little bit of house italian dressing, little bit of crumbled blue cheese, tomatoes, and a small tomato & bean soup.


Leftovers. Half of a ciabatta roll, cooked spinach, little bit of chicken parm with some cheese and tomato sauce.

Saturday July 21st & Sunday July 22nd Daily

FITspiration When in doubt, work it out. Saturday Still taking it one day at a time for now. Woke up semi-early today and had this really bad craving for biscuits and sausage/gravy. So I went to the store after having looked up ‘healthy’ alternatives and found that by using whole grain/whole wheat rolls as well […]

July 20th Friday up in flames…



When in doubt, work it out, and I did. Today was rough..

Thought today was going to be a great day. Started off pretty well, day flew by for the most part, I was in a great mood, and I had a review with my peers/superiors about how I’ve been doing so far at my internship.

Well, needless to say I thought I had been modest when explaining how I thought I had been doing. Turns out that I was wrong, on a few accounts, at how ‘not’ stellar I thought I had been doing. It’s honestly fine, constructive criticism in my field is what makes the world go ’round, but at the same time some of the stuff was hard to hear and no one likes to be told to change or pick it up unless it’s coming from yourself?

This was at the end of the day right before I left to go home, so I was ultimately in a very sour mood for the rest of the night. I got home and being at my Dad’s house there was a lot of food that I wouldn’t necessarily eat or even look at. So I grabbed the chips out of the cabinet, bad idea to begin with, and I didn’t put them in a bowl, just ate out of the bag, another bad omen… And before you knew it I was two servings deep in that bad boy with a lot more remorse on my shoulders than I’d like.

I ended up going running and it was a decent run, nice weather so I can’t complain and then I ended up going to see Batman. Good news is that I resisted any ice cream or popcorn or any sweets for that matter. That’s a plus?


Had a bad day, lots of doubts and took it all out of my system on a good run! I used Map My Run for the info below!

41 Minute Run





According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,987 calories and consumed 1,280 for the day.


Coffee with the works, banana, no sugar added applesauce, strawberries, old fashioned quaker oats


Baby carrots, little bit of light ranch/reduced fat, extra sharp cheddar with TLC crackers, half of a cucumber, some tomatoes, and turkey with a bit of mayo


Grabbed a snack before the restaurant so I wouldn’t over eat. Pasta with some broccoli and mushrooms. Lunch portion of a salad from Max & Erma’s; hard boiled egg, tomatoes, chicken, light ranch, and mixed greens/lettuce and a breadstick.  Shared some french onion soup too.


July 19th Thursday Daily



When in doubt, work it out. This is still a trying process..

For some reason, I was really, really motivated today to get moving. I did a lot of walking this morning, with the dog since I’m dog/house sitting for my Dad. I had a decent day at work, nothing too thrilling.

Went home, let the doggie out and had a quick snack (leftover pasta) so I didn’t eat my face off at the restaurant. After work I met up with my Mimi and we went to Max & Erma’s for dinner. I definitely watched what I got to eat/portions. I ordered a lunch portion of a normal salad. The only semi-bad thing was the chicken (it was fried) and it was totally pathetic. Like a little chicken strip. Anyway, I split some french onion soup, figured that would be better than eating the whole thing myself.

Felt like going for a run afterwards. The weather was perfect too! It was a sign. The sun was hiding, a little overcast, cool breeze.

So off I went, best run and new time mile marker! I was hurting a little bit, so I’m going to have to be weary of that and start to hit up a yoga class again perhaps? Definitely don’t want to re-injure myself again.



Started off the day with walking the pup for 30 minutes. Supposedly it kick starts your metabolism, etc. Last night’s run was a little rougher than I thought it was going to be. I think it was a bit hillier than what I usually run, but the ‘terrain’ is going to be different wherever you go, so I can’t complain. I didn’t stop at all which I was impressed with and proud of. I accomplished another milestone in my summer and all-time running with having gone for 54 minutes! Then took out the pup for a cool down/walk. My legs felt shot afterwards. Used Map My Run for the info below!

Morning Walk 30 minutes


54 Minutes Straight!! 

24 Minute Cool Down Walk with the pup.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,270 calories and consumed 1,325 for the day.


Coffee with the works, banana, no sugar added applesauce, strawberries, old fashioned quaker oats


Baby carrots, little bit of light ranch/reduced fat, extra sharp cheddar with TLC crackers, half of a cucumber, some tomatoes, and turkey with a bit of mayo


Grabbed a snack before the restaurant so I wouldn’t over eat. Pasta with some broccoli and mushrooms. Lunch portion of a salad from Max & Erma’s; hard boiled egg, tomatoes, chicken, light ranch, and mixed greens/lettuce and a breadstick.  Shared some french onion soup too.

July 17th .. New Motto?



Seems like I’ve found a new motto for these coming weeks.

When in doubt, work it out, eh?

Had a pretty rough day today, not for any particular reason but things just seemed to keep piling up against me and sometimes your foundation just crack a little bit…

Busy day at work, had a lot going on non-stop which was great and it made the day go by pretty quickly, but it was tedious trying to stay on top of everything that was going on. After work running errands, well things didn’t work out how they should’ve so that was taxing as well. I just went home, chilled out and then planned a remedy run that would hopefully make it ‘all better’.



Went on a very necessary long run. It was amazing, made me feel like a new person afterwards and I accomplished another milestone in my summer and all-time running! Used Map My Run for the info below!

52 Minutes Straight!! 









According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,199 calories and consumed 1,020 for the day. Started off the day with some iced coffee with the works, fresh blueberries, a clementine and a Greek yogurt. Lunch was a salad from the little market up the street from work; spinach, cucumber, some red onion, feta cheese, little bit of ranch, sunflower seeds, and mixed greens, also had some watermelon and then some leftover couscous. Dinner was DeeeeLicious. I had a sweet potato, broccoli, leftovers from my Grandpa’s house the other night; baked chicken dish, cream of chicken, corn, carrots, and some green beans and obviously chicken. Had a small cup of vanilla custard for dessert too.

July 15th Sunday Semi-Fun Day



Last day of the weekend. Bittersweet. Had a good night last night, spent some time with one of my closest friends and getting up this morning was not the easiest. I didn’t go out and drink or anything, but I think my body is just a bit beat down. I went to bed thinking that I would wake up nice and early and get a good Yoga/Centergy and Spinning class in but I didn’t budge when that alarm went off… Well, I did move but I justified to myself, in my sleep that I didn’t need to go. I thought that all I had to do was head to the pool and do an hour or more of water jogging since that’s the way to lose the fat?


So, off to the pool I went. Nice and early, ready to workout and then work away. Well, the pool ended up being a huge clusterf*ck. The supervisor let the pool party in too early and demanded that I clock in and go up in chair. Seriously pissed me off and put me in the worst mood ever. I guess I’m becoming a bit of a workout diva.

After the shift from hell was finished, I was still steaming and headed down to my other grandparents house. It’s a good 45 minute drive from where I work and the traffic on a Sunday you’d think wouldn’t be too bad or treacherous, but I was already ticked off and everything was just making my mood worse. Ugh!

Made it to his house in one piece. They had cooked a delicious dinner! It was much easier to control my portions and pick what I was eating. I had a good salad, small cup of fruit, some of the baked chicken dish with green beans, corn, carrots, pasta, and these cheddar biscuit things did me in! Yikes! However, it was National Ice Cream day apparently, so my tiny bit of strawberry ice cream and some whipped cream was justifiable, eh?





Aside from being at the pool and not water jogging or swimming or anything of the sort, I figured the only way to get out of my shitty mood was to go and run. So I did, and it was a mile marker kind of run. I ran for 50 minutes straight without stopping! That’s a pretty effin’ big deal people!

50 minutes. Non-stop. Get It GURL!







 It says I mapped it on Monday, but that’s because I wait until I get to work in the morning to ‘Map My Run‘.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,105 calories and consumed 1,195 for the day. Started off the day kind of eating like garbage. Had a bowl of Apple Jacks cereal with milk, and some whole wheat toast with jelly. Then soon after since I didn’t get up early, I had some leftover Alfredo Pasta. At the pool I had a piece of celery with peanut butter, a tomato, half a corn on the cob, and a tangerine. Dinner at my Grandpa’s house was fresh blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple. Salad with cucumber, spinach, mixed greens, feta, a little bit of dressing, red pepper, and then dinner was baked chicken with kind of a cream of chicken feel, green beans, corn, carrots, a pasta side dish that wasn’t very good but I had some, and then those cheddar biscuits from hell!! SO good! Then some strawberry ice cream with a bit of whipped cream.

I know I went over budget with my calories and the portions had to be off and still some bits I forgot to add to my log before I posted.

June 4th Daily Here We Go!



After taking last week off completely, except for one run, and not watching what I was eating or how much of it, I’m back to it. Hopefully this account of activities will help keep me on track!


After dinner, stretched out and ran 5.01 miles in 44 minutes with my dog. I figured out how many miles and calories I burned with Map My Run. Burned a total of 558 calories (or more). The temperature was in the mid 60’s-70’s yesterday and I ran with running tights and a hoodie. Only challenge before the run was discovering my iPod was dead. Still had a great run. Afterwards, I went on a walk for about 1.5 miles with a friend to catch up, more or less a cool down.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3200 calories and consumed 1557 for the day. Breakfast was coffee, Greek Yogurt, Raspberries, and Strawberries. Lunch was a banana, spinach salad with sunflower seeds, cucumber, ranch dressing, turkey, and four kind of large ravioli’s with pasta sauce. Dinner was a peanut butter jelly sandwich with a glass of milk. Most disciplined day when it comes to eating habits.

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