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Is It Really Possible to Lose Muscle Mass?

This person’s outlook seems very, very strict and I don’t know if it’s for me. But here’s another viewpoint on the hot topic of the day.

How To Lose Muscle Mass

If you want to do this it is for life so you need to totally change your way of eating and exercising. This is not a diet rather than a healthy eating plan for life. So no more talking diet cause it means time limit.

Here are the golden rules:
Initially cut down to 1200 (women) – 1500 (men) calories.
Exercise 6 times per week for 1 hours a day. Do three weight sessions and three cardio sessions. No gym involved if you don’t have the access.
Don’t eat carbs after 4pm, never eat carbs within 2 hours of exercise or within 1 hour of exercise.
Drink 3 litres of water per day. You can have a green tea at the end of the day.
Limit your fruit in take to 2 pieces per day.
Never eat dinner after 6pm.
Adopt of low GI eating plan this is sustainable for life!
Make low fat dairy choices

Follow this menu plan as a suggestion:
Breakfast 7am – 1 cup hot water w lemon
20 minutes later have a bowel of oats w water (no honey) OR
fruit salad w low GI soy yogurt
Snack 10am – pear or apple (both low GI)
Lunch 12.30pm – muligrain sandwich w 50g tuna & salad (no butter)
Snack 3pm – low GI yogurt OR skim berry smoothie (no honey or banana) plenty of ice, 1/2 cup skim milk & 1/4 cup yogurt
Dinner 5.30pm – 120g grilled lean meat/fish/prawns/tofu patties (not fried) w spinach salad & mixed vegies (no whites, carbs) OR 3 egg white/soy omlette with ham, cheese and tomato
Snack – 1 scoop of low cal low fat ice cream (if hungry)

Exercise is must be intense. Refer to for your weights routine. Never do weights two consecutive days have a cardio day in between.

Cardio needs to include running, go hard up stair wells and cycling. If you have access to a gym include boxing and spin classes as well. You get the most benefits from exercise when your body is totally fatigued and this is when you see changes.

To maintain you can increase calories to 1500 (women) – 1800 (men) and reduceexercise sessions to 3-4 times per week. If weight creeps up again due to holiday period etc.. go back to 1200 (women) – 1500 (men) cal and 6 sessions again.

Good luck it worked for me it can work for anyone.


How to Lose Muscle While Dieting

Found a great article that is providing me some comfort with figuring out what the hell I’m doing right and/or wrong! Take a look!


How To Lose Muscle While Dieting

I remember the first time I decided to diet down. It was during my freshman year in college; about 15 of us guys put our money in a pot and agreed that the winner, second and third place would walk away with some money. We agreed on selecting random judges to determine our “best body contest” winner. I still laugh at what we all went through but I learned a lot about altering one’s body composition as a result. Oh, and I screwed up a ton.

So What Did I Do?

I dieted for about 16 weeks and got the leanest I have ever been in my life. I made some major mistakes though. I did too much cardio, trained too frequently and with too much volume, didn’t eat enough protein. Did I mention I ran too much?

I did just about everything the wrong way.

My Schedule:

Before Class: 45 minutes to an hour of fasted cardio on the treadmill/elliptical

Breakfast: Lots of egg whites and oatmeal

More Cardio: Lots of walking between classes and the cafeteria (I was eating 5-6x per day)

After Class: Hit the gym and do a high rep bro split

Dinner: no carbs after 7 pm, because that makes you fat and stuff

Bed Time: never at a decent hour(then wake up and do it all over again)

How Did I Fail?

I failed in almost every way possible. I was doing way too much volume to be in a kcal deficit. Heck, I was doing too much volume, period. My workouts were long and the cardio was severely cutting into my recovery. Every workout I got weaker. My CNS was taxed and I needed some serious rest but in my mind I would only get fat if I took a few days off. Boy did I have a lot to learn.

So, after I dropped a good 30lbs of fat and muscle, I was weaker, thinner and leaner. However, I was actually in the best shape of my life. I was sub 10% body fat and could run 5 miles without ceasing. This was the first time I had ever seen a full row of abs (on my own body) in my entire life. As a result, I ended up half naked in a room with 15 other guys, flexing and posing in front of some dudes I have never met. I got second place, won 300 dollars and got to eat some real food that night. We went to Denny’s and proceeded to eat everything on the menu (I might add this is typical post-contest behavior of the neurotic bodybuilding population).

Needless to say the attention I got for my accomplishment was quite flattering but this was the beginning of an unhealthy obsession with my body composition and a nasty relationship with food.

The Downward Spiral

I swear, dieting down for the first time was both a curse and a blessing. The blessing was that I learned a ton about how not to do all of this body recomposition stuff. I learned that too much volume will eventually run you into the ground. Too much cardio is a good way to burn out really quickly and skimping on the protein is a surefire way to lose muscle mass.

The rest of the spring semester I over exercised and spun my wheels. I continued doing a ton of cardio for fear of getting fat again. I was obsessed with being able to take my shirt off to reveal the washboard stomach I was sporting. My training suffered though. This continued all the way through the summer.

I eventually pulled my head out of my ass and found a mentor. I handed over my training to him and began making progress again. Later, after my training was back on par, I developed some issues with food and social eating. I cover a lot of what I went through in my meal frequency article.

So What Could I Have Done Differently?

I should have trained no more than 2-3x per week. My workouts should have been brief and intense whilst working in the 5-6 rep ranges. It would have been smart to focus on maintaining the weight on the bar as opposed to doing a lot of high rep pump work all the while getting weaker. Cardio could have been kept to a maximum of 2x per week as I was walking everywhere; I walked to class, the store, the bar etc.

Since I wasn’t counting calories at all, I should have focused on more lean protein and fruits/veggies as opposed to all the pasta and bread I was eating. I am not saying those foods are bad or anything but I definitely could’ve used more protein considering my training. I probably wasn’t even getting 1g/lb of protein during this disaster of a diet. No wonder I lost strength and mass.

So now that I have told you exactly how to lose a lot of muscle mass while dieting, in the next installment I will explain exactly how not to lose of your muscle mass while dropping body fat. Stay tuned.

100 Pushups

I have got to try this. There’s no time like the present to start!

One Hundred Pushups

Summer Babe Rules via Corinne

A lot of inspiration came from reading this woman’s blog and how she is kicking ass and taking names… I credit this article to her and I’m going to start sticking to these rules with only a month left to go of trying to get fit and be fabulous again!!


My Summer Babe Rules

The Rules

#1 No eating anything from the clubhouse.

I get those moments there where I could eat everything. It’s when I am bored or stressed out. I allow myself a little treat and it turns into a binge fest. That’s why, this summer, I will eat things that have been prepared by my mom or by myself. If I have to stay extra hours and I don’t have food, I can wait. I won’t die of starvation after 4 hours.

#2 Exercise 5 times a week.

Run, swim, hike a mountain, you name it. I like to run, because it makes my legs look great. And I will keep doing strength training. For me, my exercising will most likely be 45 minutes of running + 15 minutes of weights. Whatever it is, I have to do it. It’s so easy to say: Tomorrow. I will go run tomorrow. Hell no. That’s for lazy people. Are you lazy? Am I lazy? NO! I’ll get up an hour ealier and run with the sunrise if I have to.

#3 Party like a skinny bitch

Sarah, one of my best friends, warned me. Partying is going to happen, and a lot. Instead of drinking beer after beer or sugary cocktails, I will stick with vodka & sparkling water. And if I know a party is going to be happening, I will eat less or exercise more that day.

#4 No ice cream, what’s so ever.

It’s simple. Some of you might be gasping of terror right now, but ice cream to me is like cocaine to a junkie. If I start eating some, if I start allowing myself to eat some, I’ll never stop. Never. So no ice cream.

#5 Only eat when hungry.

I am slowly learning to do this at the moment. I used to eat lunch at noon, dinner at six, whether I was hungry or not. I have realized that this is a horrible habit. You eat when you are hungry and you stop eating when you aren’t. It’s easier said than done, I agree, but I’ll work every day at it.

#6 Do cheat, in moderation.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with having a piece of fried chicken or a piece of pie at a BBQ. What’s wrong is when you stuff yourself at dinner and then have two big slices of cake for dessert, just for the hell of it. We all know what moderation is. We can indulge, in moderation. Not everyday, of course, but a little dessert here and there, with exercise, will not kill your weight loss.

#7 No more fizzy drinks, even Diet Coke.

Oh lord, that is going to be a hard one, but it’s been a long time coming. Fizzy drinks, even diet ones, make your insulin levels go up and you body registers them as sugar, whether they have calories or not. I will stick to water & coffee. Water hydrates you and coffee makes you poo. Perfect combo.

#8 Take time to look good.

How many of us forget to think about ourselves? This rule might be a little vain, but I take it to heart. If I know I look good, I feel better about myself and that makes me happier. During the summer, I don’t really care about my appearance. I wake-up, throw on a t-shirt and leave for the day. This summer, I want to care about my appearance, whether it’s superficial or not. I can wake-up 15 minutes earlier and who knows, maybe do my hair, apply a little mascara, wax my legs instead of shaving them, exfoliate my skin… Make efforts. That will make you feel better and hence, more confident. Feeling beautiful also makes you work harder at losing weight or being more fit. It’s an encouragement.

#9 Weigh myself everyday

Last summer, when the scale started to go up, I stepped off of it for two months. Not this summer. To you, it might seem obsessive, but to me, it’s preventive.


It might seem like I am being strict with myself, but I really don’t think so. These rules will allow me to enjoy the most of my summer and to be healthy at the same time. I want to have an amazing summer. The most important part is to enjoy yourself. Don’t spend afternoons by the pool hiding behind a towel. If you work hard to keep your weight loss going, your confidence will rise up and you’ll enjoy yourself even more. Think of yourself in a bikini on the beach or of yourself in a skimpy little dress on the patio of a bar on a warm summer evening. Weight loss and health should not be discarded, but loved ones either. Take time to enjoy meals, nights out and days on the boat with them. Eat that slice of pizza, have that one margarita. Just don’t be excessive. Be moderate (yes, I know, easier said than done).

Are you ready for summer? With these rules, I know I am! Let’s have a good one and look even better in September, yes? I don’t doubt one second that I can do this. I just have to remember every day what my goals and motivations are!

July 7th and June 8th Redneckin’ and Fireworks Galore



Wooh! First official day of Freedom and Fun! The goal of this weekend is to have fun! Plenty of it! But to also keep in mind the new healthy habits I’ve been trying to stick to. Now, I did buy up a good amount of alcohol for this weekend, so I know that it might do me in, but here’s how things went… Enjoy!

Started off the morning bright eyed and bushy tailed with some home cooked eggs, sausage and and english muffin and then we hit the road. We went into Erie to check out some of the bike (motorcycle) dealerships so the guys could check out models and prices, and I did myself as well… Working on saving up and getting my license to ride. Exciting! The highlight of the day, mainly for the guys, was going to get some Fireworks. And I mean big, gigantic, they spent way too much money, fireworks. Tradition more or less, that after dinner they set up in the field and we have our own 4th of July show! Check out the slideshow for the pics!!

That took up a good portion of the day, driving mostly, then went in to Wally-World and bought groceries for the rest of the weekend. This time around, I picked as much healthy food as I possibly could. Honestly, having a campfire ablaze constantly is super beneficial for cooking healthy foods! Grilling Zucchini, Squash, tomatoes, etc. are all my forte when out in the wilderness. There’s this recipe we make almost every time we go, so I’ll let you in on a little secret.

They’re called ‘Hobo Burgers’. They are the gift of the camping gods.

You get any and all vegetables you could possibly desire and cut them up into manageable pieces, have them laid out separately, almost buffet style. Then, rip a lot of long pieces of aluminum foil, big enough to fit all of the veggies and your meat in it. You take a good hunk of lean chuck or ground round meat?, and pat it down into a good size burger. Use a slice of butter for the veggies, the burger meat, then all of the veggies you want, and if you feel like it’s necessary, you can put in BBQ sauce or Italian dressing. The veggies we cut up and I put into mine were red peppers, green peppers, vidalia onion, mushrooms, potatoes, etc. Anything you want. Then fold it up really well, double wrap it with aluminum foil just to be safe and throw it (set it) onto the campfire in the coals. Flip them every so often and then you can add fresh lettuce, or tomatoes or ketchup when they’re done!!!! Simple as can be! There’s a picture in the slide show too!

Then I took what is more or less a hot dog and burger grilling contraption and cut stalks of zucchini and squash and grilled them over the fire with some lite Italian dressing. And I wrapped up a sweet potato in foil and threw that into the fire after poking some holes with a fork… BEST LUNCH EVER!

So, for a majority of the afternoon, I was a cook in the kitchen, and then there was a crockpot dinner for later on… Fire grilled corn on the cob, pulled pork, and more fresh veggies from the fire!

Then, it was off to set off fireworks! The night winded down with us all sitting around the fire, and I got a littttttle too carried away in my drinks… I had a few margaritas and a bottle of wine… a small bottle? Any sympathy here, no? Ok. Well that’s that! haha YOLO! …jk


Woke up early, had a bit of a headache from drinking.. duh! and managed to head down and get some good breakfast in! The infamous Gravy and Biscuits was just what I needed… to soak up the alcohol anyway. I literally haven’t had gravy and biscuits since I was a little kid and man was it good! Unhealthy but good!

For most of the day we were around the cabin, outside doing work, trying to stay in the shade, throwing around the football, playing catch, shooting guns, you name it. Didn’t do much for lunch (and it caught up to me later) Had watermelon, whole grain Sun Chips, and lots of water.

The day winded down wit h some muddy four wheeling back in the woods on the property. That was an adventure in itself… It can be rough with the terrain in the less traveled areas, but I made it out alive haha

Got back, changed my clothes, packed up the truck and the pup and headed home. We stopped at Wendy’s to get food and man did I regret it. It’s funny how after not having it for so long it actually changes it’s taste. It didn’t even taste good eating it, and compared to those Hobo Burgers, it was crap. Wasted calories and wasted stomach ache.

Made it home and then unpacked for a bit. Went to Applebee’s for a late night salad, the had a bite of my friend’s veggies and pasta, then called it a night. Quite the eventful weekend, but it was such a good time! Definitely needed and deserved 😉


Camping is a workout in itself! The heat, humidity, yard work, and constant moving around was satisfying! Can’t wait to get back into my routine however! Especially after a week of complete laziness.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,980 calories and consumed 1,928 for the day. Started off the day with a wholesome breakfast consisting of some eggs, sausage, and an english muffin. Lunch was Hobo Burger Delight! Lean burger meat, mushrooms, onions, ketchup, a big ‘ol sweet potato, and lots of water. Dinner was homemade pulled pork, an ear of grilled corn on the cob, a tomato, barbecue sauce, and zucchini and squash. Then, my cup of care was empty when I decided to drink an entire bottle of wine and one too many margaritas! Oops…

Sunday (Food)

According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,538 calories and consumed 1,475 for the day. Started off with delicious homemade gravy and biscuits. Lunch was pretty much snacking/munching, which caught up with me later on… I had lots of watermelon, and whole grain Sun Chips, and then water out the wazooo. Dinner was a stop at (YUCK!) Wendy’s and then Applebees later on for an Oriental Chicken salad.

July 6th Friday Fun, Off to Camping we GO!!!



Off to camping we go!

The main highlight of today was heading off to camping for (my) 4th of July getaway! It ‘s all I’ve been looking forward to all week long..

Myself, a group of my guy friends, and his family all go out to their cabin in the backwoods of PA. There’s little to no cell reception once you get on the dirt roads, and you can barely have that when you go to a beach or anywhere, so I like that a lot. They own about 40+ acres of land, have a cabin, a bunch of four wheelers and dirt bikes, we go shooting, have a campfire, you name it… It’s paradise. So, to say the least, we traveled there on Friday, right after I got off of work, and ended up stopping at our favorite restaurant for the best wings you will ever eat. Honey Mustard and Garlic .. with Blue Cheese… Delish! No picture, because I didn’t want to be the weirdo at the table, especially when you’re with a bunch of guys. We got there, unpacked, started up the fire, and then had some smores for dessert. Hit the hay early and we’d get a good start to the next day!


none. Hah! Honestly, if walking around from the morning, to my car then from the parking lot, to work. etc. Then maybe. Or just sweating buckets because it’s so hot, I didn’t really exercise again.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,445 calories and consumed 1,329 for the day. Started off the day with breakfast consisting of an english muffin at home before I ran out the door and then a doughnut at work… Woof. Then had some mixed fruit from home; watermelon, pineapple, strawberries, and some raspberries. Lunch was carrots and ranch, chicken breast, cucumber slices, and some candy :/ Dinner was chicken wings with bleu cheese! Guilty pleasure alert! Then, I had smores at the campfire, YUM!

July 5th Daily, The Prez is in town!



Started off the day decently, then it kind of went to crap..

Had a moderately healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch. Walked to Jimmy Johns, which was great exercise, got a tasty/healthy Totally Tuna Unwich, Yum!

Another day of not working out. Please read this as a pathetic excuse, because it is… The President was literally speaking across the street from my house and he ended up shutting down the entire fricken town. Neat-o right?

I was coming back from the pool I lifeguard at and it turns out that they were starting to shut down the highway from where I got off the exit ramp, all the way down the road to my house. I had noticed that there were a lot of cops spread along the highway than there usually is, and I wasn’t exactly sure why… Anyhow, there were people just lining the streets and I was driving with more or less a police escort in front of me, trying to get me the hell off the street. It was amusing not only because of that, but the streets were lined with people waiting to see the Prez and I was the only car driving down the street… #awkward

So, here are some pictures to show you a little bit of the excitement. Not much, but some…


none. walking…to lunch.. to Jimmy John’s, walking around the neighborhood to see the Prez… walking? maybe… does existing count as exercise?   (NO!)


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,445 calories and consumed 1,477 for the day. Started off the day with breakfast consisting of coffee with the works, mixed fruit from home with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, and some watermelon. Lunch was a Jimmy John’s Totally Tuna Unwich. Dinner was bad. I had Brats, pasta noodles plain, chicken, and some muenster cheese. I had a snack inbetween lunch and coming home from work of some Greek yogurt. Nothing too exciting, but eating that crap and not working out was not in my favor.

July 4th ‘Merica!



Thank goodness for days off, amirite?! haha SO I planned on getting up this morning, even though I’m pretty sure I was hungover to go to Spinning class. Well the damn Fitworks schedule online IS NOT always correct, especially for holidays. So my valiant act of trying to get up and be a good healthy whipper snapper was in vain since I planned on going to the listed 10:30 spin class, and it was at 9. So dumb. So, instead, I went back to bed, and slept the day away pretty much. Sad, but in all honesty, aside from the occasional thunderstorm that rains out the pool on the weekends, I don’t get a day off to sleep in..

On top of being a hibernating hungover bear for a part of the day, I also overindulged on things I clearly shouldn’t have eaten. But hey, that’s what ‘Merica’s about! amirite?! I had Mitchell’s ice cream with my family, which I was kind of committed to, seeing as its family and then later on I went and got frozen yogurt at Menchie’s. Whoops…

Last but not least, let’s not forget to mention that I did not see fireworks because it thunderstormed and then where we were going to watch ended up having a technical malfunction/glitch after the storms cleared up. ‘Merica. Then raided my fridge later before bed, another bad idea.


If we now consider sleeping and being lazy all day on top off shoveling food down my pie hole working out, then yes, I did workout. … Not.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,445 calories and consumed 1,007 for the day. Started off the day with breakfast of nothing. Because I was sleeping like a hibernating black bear. Woke up ravenous. Had a Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom Unwich with some carrots and a bit of ranch. Which is super healthy and not bad at all!! Then this is where I get into trouble. Had Mitchell’s ice cream. Pralines and cream in a waffle cone, just one scoop, but that’s still bad. Then, dinner was decent, but still not the best. Had just a burger patty, and some of this squash/zucchini pasta. Then, to make matters worse, I headed off to Menchie’s and got some frozen yogurt loaded with unhealthy junk.


July 3rd Tuesday Surprises



Pre 4th of July. Had work during the day per the usual. Some awesome thunderstorms in the morning/afternoon and there was a bit of excitement at lunchtime. There was one of the food trucks downtown right outside of our office (literally behind the building in the parking lot) and with someone’s umbrella in hand, I couldn’t resist but to go out there and try what they had to offer!

So out I went and long story short, the company across the street had rented it out for their ‘pre-Fourth of July’ lunch and we had no idea… So we ended up getting free lunch since we had already ordered and they refused to let us pay! It was absolutely delicious!!

I had a pulled pork BLT and a delicious sauce was on it and it came with sweet potato tator tots. Yum!

Ended up getting out of work early, however I did not go and workout.

Then I went over to my friends house and their mom had made dinner (Uh-Oh) and let’s just say it wasn’t the healthiest. But, I’m going to be honest and tell you that it was delicious eating guilty foods.

After, I went and got ready and then went out to the bars and drank a weee bit too much, but it was a lot of fun. Didn’t go and eat crappy food like I had last week so I was proud of that.

No Workout


Burned 2,428 for the day and consumed 2,109 calories.

Breakfast was a bowl of Frosted Mini Wheats with some skim milk and a little cup of lemonade, I don’t really know why I had lemonade but I did? Lunch was that delicious pulled pork BLT with lettuce/baby arugala and tomato with yummy sauce. Dinner was a Stouffer’s mac and cheese, simple salad with a tiny bit of poppyseed dressing and some salt and vinegar chips. Dessert was a root beer float and loooooots of drinks (Summer Shandy and Margs) .. Bad Girl!

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