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June 24th Supreme Sunday..



Today was the typical summer Sunday. Nothing monumental, no thrilling news to report. I worked at the pool, worked out, overindulged in some foods that I shouldn’t have and cleaned which could be easily constituted as a short workout in itself. Was impressed with the bit of working out I did at the pool. As promised, I tried the water jogging and damn it’s a actually a good workout. I ended up burning a lot of calories and my legs were fatigued, more than usual after just a regular swimming workout.

I went over my friends house who was having their family over to help paint the outside of the house… So you know how much work that is….. And I went over after lifeguarding, after working out, after being in the lovely weather, just being hungry for dinner in general. And this is where I find myself in a troubled spot of friends, food, and fighting the cravings. AGAIN. This is a bad trend that really needs to stop. The only downside to today was me giving into my cravings. Killer cravings of those delicious carbohydrates, of the pizza variety, that make my mouth water and stomach do backflips. Woof. I did, had some ‘supreme’ pizza. Savored every bite too. GRRRRR.

So then when I got home, I decided to clean the bathroom. And when I say ‘clean’ I mean purify and cleanse… I went all out. What sparked this, I don’t really know, but I’m starting to notice that I have problems with just sitting around at home and not doing anything. It’s like I’m turning into my mother and criticizing and judging myself for just sitting there like a bum. Like a big ‘ol bump on a log. Fuck. I guess I’m growing up, if you want to call it that? So I got the bleach spray out, pre soaked the bath tub, took all the shampoos and soaps out and got the whole damn tub. Then, the sink, counter top, mirror, toilet, the wooden ledge around everything. I dusted, scrubbed, polished? whatever, you name it and I did it. Final touch, I vacuumed the floor, then I grabbed the good ol’ bucket of bleach and sudz and got a scrubbing brush, rubber gloves and went to town on the tiles. Let’s just say that my mom didn’t feel it necessary to have the air conditioning on, so it was literally a workout. I was dripping aka pouring with sweat. So, Mom, thank you for that and you’re welcome… for cleaning haha


I swam for 26 minutes doing full laps in the pool, alternating freestyle and breaststroke. Burned 300+ Calories. Water jogged for 20 minutes. Burned 200+ calories for that. I did lifeguard for a five hour shift, which burned 1,181 calories. However, sometimes I don’t necessarily consider that exercise.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,515 calories and consumed 1,386 for the day. FOOD! CRAVINGS! FU*#. I had a decently healthy breakfast; Oatmeal with honey and a Starbucks coffee. Lunch was super healthy and great also, had a Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom Unwich, bananas, clementines, and carrots with ranch. But when I met up with my friends they had ordered a shit ton of pizza, breadsticks and pop. Well, guess what, I gave into FriendFoodPressure and ate some damn pizza. and breadsticks. and had SOME pop. Not a lot, but enough to say that I cracked… willingly too 😦 Disappointed.


June 23rd I’m a Swimming and Craving Giving In Fool..



First day of the weekend. Didn’t sleep in too late, but getting up was a bit more of a struggle than when I usually jump right out of bed… Had to lifeguard the day shift indoors which was nice for the most part. I was most excited about being at the pool to swim and do a pool workout. I love switching up my routine because I definitely get more excited about it and it keeps me really motivated.

Also, a few girls at the pool were talking about water jogging as a workout. Now, until I really listened to what they were saying and observed some of the older women doing it, I didn’t realize how good of a workout it might actually be. Not only because it’s similar to running in general, but you’ve got a water belt on so it forces you to stabilize your core and constantly keep moving or you can sink. Which led me to think of another good workout, more or less back to basics, but just simply treading water would burn up a ton of calories and not to mention, it’s a great total body workout. So for my next water workout, I’m going to tackle water jogging and some treading down the road!

I ate so healthy all day!! Super proud of myself, fighting cravings for bad food choices and staying on top of my portions. But then after work I ended up going out with some friends and that’s when the peer pressure aka friendly food pressure turned ugly. We went to Chipotle. Bad idea, instantly. Because I didn’t plan to eat THAT MUCH and THAT MANY CALS for dinner. Honestly, I was mad at myself. I was pissed because I couldn’t finish what I was eating, like I’m wasting money, and not to mention I can exactly calculate how many bites of what that I’m eating so I could be way over on my Calorie Counter App… Fudge. Then, the final deal breaker. Ice Cream. Ugh, sinfully delightful yet hit the spot. It really is a never ending battle with food. Dear Lord, Grant me the strength.


I swam for 26 minutes doing full laps in the pool, alternating freestyle and breaststroke. Didn’t feel like I was completely out of breath and tired like last week when I was sick, so that’s a plus. I did lifeguard for a five hour shift, which burned 1,181 calories. However, sometimes I don’t necessarily consider that exercise.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,374 calories and consumed 1,530 for the day. Well, today’s food choices were not much better than yesterdays… Breakfast was frosted mini wheats with fat free milk, the usual. Lunch was cooked broccoli, baby carrots and ranch dressing, clementines. Then at the pool I had Pomegranate juice, my version of a turkey Unwich, which consisted of turkey lunch meat, tomatoes, sprouts, cucumbers, and romaine lettuce. I wrapped a few up and ate them individually. They were pretty small but the calories added up towards the end of the night… When I decided to get Chipotle AND Ice Cream for dinner. I’m so dumb.  I got a burrito bowl, didn’t get the burrito wrap from hell thats 300+ calories. Didn’t suck the whole thing down. Good choice. But then I fucked it up and got ice cream. Damn cravings.

June 22nd Fit, Fun, Friday!



Yay! Finally the weekend! GEEGS! Had a decent day at work, managed to have a decent morning/afternoon with my food and ‘healthy’ choices. Had a super breakfast, walked to Jimmy John’s for an Unwich which is my new favorite ‘healthy’ addiction. It’s pretty much whatever sandwich you want wrapped in lettuce instead of bread. AH! YUM! Not only walked, but had a healthy lunch too. Woo! Went to the gym, got some more walking/jogging in and then got my ass kicked by a spinning instructor who was fit as can be. However, when I went home, I had some healthy carrots to start but then my cravings go to me…. left over chicken quesadilla’s, just a little bit of chicken/cheese/and cooked peppers/onions/sour cream. And by little bit, I mean it. Because… I had date night/party plans…

Went to Outback Steakhouse with some friends and then went out for my friends birthday. Granted, I had put in the fl. oz.’s of Margs that I was going to drink since the morning so I knew no to overeat. Granted, I didn’t have any fast food afterwards which I was really proud of! But that after workout snack really screwed me over! Lots of guilt for eating more than I should have.. and it was only the beginning of the weekend too .. Oh crap.

I used my Calorie Counter App on my iPhone to track my food intake!


I got a good warmup/walk-jog in for 1.09 miles for about 18:32 minutes. First Spinning class of the summer and it completely re-motivated me! I feel totally rejuvenated again and the instructor kicked ass. She specifically pointed at people and called them out, me included, to turn up the resistance and wanted to see you struggling and pushing yourself! It was wonderful.



According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,386 calories and consumed 1,610 for the day. I treated myself a bit for breakfast downstairs and got a whole wheat bagel,  I had a banana and two clementines. Lunch was strawberries, and a Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom Unwich. After my workout I had leftover chicken quesadilla’s, with cooked onions, peppers, sour cream, cheese, and NO burrito wrap. THEN, went to Outback and had a few bites of the bloomin’ onion, a house salad with ranch and I could barely finish it, and then a good amount of my sweet potato and didn’t finish my steak. Then out for some Margs! I was stuffed and felt sick. I knew I ate too much… 😦 Disappointed in my overeating and not controlling my portions better and just saying ‘no’. I need to get this together or I’m not going to see changes.

Quick Update..

ALERT!!! –> I weighed in at 169.5/170 this morning. I haven’t seen the 60’s in over a year. Now, I don’t know if this is because I have been sick all week, or because I’ve been eating healthier?, or because I haven’t really had an appetite .. I honestly don’t know, but I can’t say I’m mad about it one bit…

June 21st, Hoppin’ On The Bandwagon



Finally feeling a bit better! Not as sickly, but somewhat stuffy. But hey, I’ll take it. Had a first today… Indian Cuisine. Not a fan, but at least I tried it once. Moving on up in the world haha! On a side note, having some extra drama and stress in my life is driving me batty but it’s keeping me motivated. Like a fire was lit under my ass and I’ve been a a movin’!

Body Update: Feeling some sharp pain today, more nerve pain like my sciatic nerve because it’s shooting down my leg, same old.  However, after Yoga, it definitely got stretched out really good and hoping to wake up tomorrow with it feeling a lot better?! Positive Polly, eh?


Today was definitely one of the best workouts I’ve had in a while. I did really well in the Centergy Yoga/Pilates class at Fitworks and then I ran!!! Had immense pain in my whole leg during and right after stopping running. It was horrible. I just turned my iPod up louder blasting to GirlTalk and made the most of it. I ran 2.73 miles between a 1-3 incline for 28 minutes and walked a few minutes as a cool down. Didn’t stop once! But that’s because I was on a treadmill. Who knew?! I just focused on my iPod and the Food Network and ESPN shows on the TVs in front of me.. Got me through it easily and went by pretty quickly. Once I got home I iced my groin, outside of my hip, and leg for an hour, ice on and off.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,904 calories and consumed 795 for the day. Breakfast was decent; applesauce, milk, bananas, strawberries, and orange juice. Lunch was a first… Indian cuisine. Not a fan, but hey, I tried it at least. Didn’t end up eating dinner because I didn’t like what was in the fridge and really didn’t have an appetite. Snacked on some candy again.. guilty.

June 20th Hump Day Fun Day!



Today was a decent day, it started off decently, got up on time for work, still feeling under the weather, had some breakfast, and watched what I ate because I was going to the Indians game!! I stayed in for lunch at work, still fighting tiredness and not feeling well, went out to eat at Panini’s downtown and got tuna salad and steak fries and downed a few Margs as well! So nice to catch up with my friends! While I was walking I got pooped on by a bird. Gross! Hahah but it was a good sign for the hopeful win tonight! Hah! Walked around all downtown so that constituted as my workout for the day instead of just sitting around in the office or on my ass at home. The Indians ended up winning and made it home in time to get some much needed sleep!

Body Update: Not having the best time with my hip and leg still. Beyond frustrating. The walking may or may not have helped, but it’s a day by day thing.


Lots of walking and the calories burned were based on the time spent walking, Google Maps, and the heat!


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,588 calories and consumed 1,711 for the day. I do think I burned more than that from all of the uncalculated walking I didn’t put in there, but either way I got in some exercise!

Breakfast was Frosted Mini Wheats cereal with Milk, some orange juice, an English Muffin and coffee with the works. Lunch quick because I was busy at work and I knew I was going out for dinner that night too, just had some Oatmeal with brown sugar. Snacked on KitKats and Reeses cups again… bad girl! For dinner I tuna salad sandwich, didn’t eat the bread, had some steak fries, and I had 3 margs and popcorn, which wasn’t very good, but it I wanted something at the game. Not good, went over, but that’s what happens when you go out on the town I guess…


June 19th, Staying After It Without Sinking…



Feeling like crap still. Could not stay awake or motivated at work = Not Good. At All. Only highlight of my day was going to lunch, which I ate LIKE A BOSS! and swimming! And damnit I’m still out there like a champ regardless of feeling like crud. Went to lunch downstairs at Bar Louie which can be tempting to those cravings in the back of my head, however I got a blackened tilapia po’ boy sandwich with a side of black beans and rice. Only at the blackened fish and lettuce/tomato off the sandwich, left the rice, and ate the black beans. Really proud of myself for that. After work, went up to the pool to renew my certifications and stayed and swam for as long as I could (definitely out of shape and hard to breathe being sick).

Body Update: Feeling sharp pain today, more nerve pain like my sciatic nerve because it’s shooting down my leg now.. awesome blossom.


I swam for 15 minutes doing full laps in the pool, alternating freestyle and breaststroke. So out of breathe and felt like I was sinking when I got tired from my huge tree trunks of leg muscle mass… Also, I loved my recovery/catching my breath slowing down the pace instead of just stopping completely when I did freestyle.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,607 calories and consumed 1,209 for the day. Breakfast was delicious! I heard trying brown sugar was healthier than white sugar so I had Oatmeal with some brown sugar, an english muffin, and some orange juice. I had a snack of two baby KitKats. Whoops. Lunch was blackened Tilapia and black beans. Dinner was barely over an ounce of lean burger, broccoli, meunster cheese, and half a bun. Had a handful (which I counted each cracker) of Cheez-Its. Today was full of processed foods/snacks towards the end of the day. Gotta watch those cravings when I’m sick I guess.

June 18th Sick as a Dog… Woof!



Well… You finally find out why I’ve neglected you for the past few days…In light of having swam this weekend I’ve gotten sick (from the pool water I’m assuming). Go figure. Woke up with my head completely stuffed up, couldn’t breathe from my nose, runny nose, it was a pretty sight. I went into work, because if I’m going to be miserable sick from a sinus/cold/whatever I’d rather get work done and get paid! Man, I do not know how to take a break either. So I didn’t have an appetite all day, couldn’t finish my salad, everything tasted unappetizing, just not my day. I did make it to yoga, tried to run, but my leg hurt like S@*$! And the worst part was that it was only for a couple minutes before class started. Which made class miserable too. Oh Joy! All in all, I was passed out and in bed before 9.

I used my Calorie Counter App on my iPhone to track my food intake!


Took the Centergy class which is a mix of pilates and yoga and it’s an hour long. Today’s class was rough because I ran for a bit to ‘warm up’ before class started. Not even for 10 minutes, and my leg started KILLING. UGH! So I reinjured my leg and am still uncomfortable with pinched nerve symptoms. Don’t know what to do because I can’t continue to take pain meds this long and continuous…









According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,703 calories and consumed 1,681 for the day. I treated myself a bit for breakfast downstairs at the Starbucks. I had a nonfat Caramel Macchiato, Berry Blast Naked fruit smoothie, Oatmeal and a banana. Lunch was a Greek yogurt, leftover rigatoni pasta with meat sauce, strawberries, and a salad I could barely eat either. Before my workout I half of a PB&J sandwhich with skim milk, yum! For being a sickie!

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