July 5th Daily, The Prez is in town!



Started off the day decently, then it kind of went to crap..

Had a moderately healthy and delicious breakfast and lunch. Walked to Jimmy Johns, which was great exercise, got a tasty/healthy Totally Tuna Unwich, Yum!

Another day of not working out. Please read this as a pathetic excuse, because it is… The President was literally speaking across the street from my house and he ended up shutting down the entire fricken town. Neat-o right?

I was coming back from the pool I lifeguard at and it turns out that they were starting to shut down the highway from where I got off the exit ramp, all the way down the road to my house. I had noticed that there were a lot of cops spread along the highway than there usually is, and I wasn’t exactly sure why… Anyhow, there were people just lining the streets and I was driving with more or less a police escort in front of me, trying to get me the hell off the street. It was amusing not only because of that, but the streets were lined with people waiting to see the Prez and I was the only car driving down the street… #awkward

So, here are some pictures to show you a little bit of the excitement. Not much, but some…


none. walking…to lunch.. to Jimmy John’s, walking around the neighborhood to see the Prez… walking? maybe… does existing count as exercise?   (NO!)


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 2,445 calories and consumed 1,477 for the day. Started off the day with breakfast consisting of coffee with the works, mixed fruit from home with strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple, and some watermelon. Lunch was a Jimmy John’s Totally Tuna Unwich. Dinner was bad. I had Brats, pasta noodles plain, chicken, and some muenster cheese. I had a snack inbetween lunch and coming home from work of some Greek yogurt. Nothing too exciting, but eating that crap and not working out was not in my favor.


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