June 24th Supreme Sunday..



Today was the typical summer Sunday. Nothing monumental, no thrilling news to report. I worked at the pool, worked out, overindulged in some foods that I shouldn’t have and cleaned which could be easily constituted as a short workout in itself. Was impressed with the bit of working out I did at the pool. As promised, I tried the water jogging and damn it’s a actually a good workout. I ended up burning a lot of calories and my legs were fatigued, more than usual after just a regular swimming workout.

I went over my friends house who was having their family over to help paint the outside of the house… So you know how much work that is….. And I went over after lifeguarding, after working out, after being in the lovely weather, just being hungry for dinner in general. And this is where I find myself in a troubled spot of friends, food, and fighting the cravings. AGAIN. This is a bad trend that really needs to stop. The only downside to today was me giving into my cravings. Killer cravings of those delicious carbohydrates, of the pizza variety, that make my mouth water and stomach do backflips. Woof. I did, had some ‘supreme’ pizza. Savored every bite too. GRRRRR.

So then when I got home, I decided to clean the bathroom. And when I say ‘clean’ I mean purify and cleanse… I went all out. What sparked this, I don’t really know, but I’m starting to notice that I have problems with just sitting around at home and not doing anything. It’s like I’m turning into my mother and criticizing and judging myself for just sitting there like a bum. Like a big ‘ol bump on a log. Fuck. I guess I’m growing up, if you want to call it that? So I got the bleach spray out, pre soaked the bath tub, took all the shampoos and soaps out and got the whole damn tub. Then, the sink, counter top, mirror, toilet, the wooden ledge around everything. I dusted, scrubbed, polished? whatever, you name it and I did it. Final touch, I vacuumed the floor, then I grabbed the good ol’ bucket of bleach and sudz and got a scrubbing brush, rubber gloves and went to town on the tiles. Let’s just say that my mom didn’t feel it necessary to have the air conditioning on, so it was literally a workout. I was dripping aka pouring with sweat. So, Mom, thank you for that and you’re welcome… for cleaning haha


I swam for 26 minutes doing full laps in the pool, alternating freestyle and breaststroke. Burned 300+ Calories. Water jogged for 20 minutes. Burned 200+ calories for that. I did lifeguard for a five hour shift, which burned 1,181 calories. However, sometimes I don’t necessarily consider that exercise.


According to my Calorie Counter App I burned over 3,515 calories and consumed 1,386 for the day. FOOD! CRAVINGS! FU*#. I had a decently healthy breakfast; Oatmeal with honey and a Starbucks coffee. Lunch was super healthy and great also, had a Jimmy John’s Turkey Tom Unwich, bananas, clementines, and carrots with ranch. But when I met up with my friends they had ordered a shit ton of pizza, breadsticks and pop. Well, guess what, I gave into FriendFoodPressure and ate some damn pizza. and breadsticks. and had SOME pop. Not a lot, but enough to say that I cracked… willingly too 😦 Disappointed.


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