Muscle Soreness After A Workout

1. Eat right

Your sore muscles need mainly protein along with carbs & fats to repair itself so whether you’re working out to gain muscle or lose weight… You also need to drink lots of water (at least a liter of water a day) because if you get dehydrated then your muscle soreness and muscle cramps will increase.


2. Ice

Ice helps reduce the inflammation in your sore muscles and it’s best to start using ice mostly in the first 2 days after a tough workout where you think you may end up having a significant amount of muscle soreness to minimize muscle soreness and then after those first 2 days of icing your sore muscles for 15-to-30 minutes at a time. You can then start to include many of the other ways below to help reduce muscle soreness by increasing circulation.


3. Active Recovery

Active recovery basically means that you stay active even though you’re still sore but you’re not going to stay active by doing the same exact activity that got you sore in the first place – but instead…

You’re going to stay active by doing an activity that is a LOT LESS Intense than the activity that caused your muscle soreness so for example…

  • If your muscles are sore after running then you would actively recover your sore muscles by lightly walking or…
  • If your did a chest workout with heavy weights you can do push-ups using only your bodyweight to actively recover your sore chest, arm & shoulder muscles but generally…
  • Light walking or light cardio workouts for less than 30 minutes will help relieve sore lower body muscles while…
  • Bodyweight only exercise like push-ups, bodyweight rows and yoga will help reduce upper body soreness.

Active recovery gets rid of muscle soreness & stiffness by stimulating blood flow & improving circulation to the muscles without overexerting your already sore muscles.


4. Rest

Aside from active recovery…

Common sense should already tell you to rest or not do the same tough workout too often until your sore muscles have fully recovered so If you’re trying to lose weight…

  • You should only be doing 3-to-4 high intensity interval workouts a week while optionally doing light cardio for 45-to-90 minutes the other days of the week for active recovery and if you’re trying to build muscle… WHICH we aren’t!

5. Massage

Massage works the tension out of sore muscles and if you can afford it…

Having a friend or your spouse massage your sore muscles will be enough and if you can’t find a partner…

Using a Foam Roller will be good enough but whatever massage technique you use…

You can massage the muscle for up to 20 minutes to help reduce soreness after a tough workout.


6. Heat

Heat will get rid of muscle soreness by bringing more blood to the sore area helping speed up recovery and Heat gets rid of stiffness while relaxing your muscles and…

You can easily apply heat to your sore muscles for about 10 minutes by taking a hot bath or shower, using heat packs, sauna or hot tub.


7. Alternate Ice & Heat treatments

You can switch back-and-forth applying ice & heat over a specific time period to get the best of both worlds where you reduce inflammation with ice and then you increase blood flow to your sore muscles with heat to speed up recovery and…

  • You can take a contrast shower where you alternate between 30-to-60 seconds of cold water followed by 1-to-2 minutes of hot/warm water 3-to-4 times or…
  • You can use ice packs for 10 minutes followed by heat packs on your sore muscles for 20+ minutes but whatever Ice/Heat combination treatment you use…
  • Always start with the ice followed by heat and always make the heat treatment last twice as long as the Ice treatment.


8. Epsom salt baths

Bathing in a warm bath for 10-to-20 minutes with 200-to-400 grams of Epsom salt added relaxes your sore muscles, decreases inflammation by increasing the blood flow to your muscles and as an added bonus… Epsom salt baths also prevents bloating helping you get a flatter stomach and if taking a bath is not an option then…

Soaking a rag in warm water with Epsom salt added and then placing the warm rag over the sore muscle will also help reduce muscle soreness.


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